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At Southern Grinding & Tree Services LLC, we have access to quality firewood daily. We provide high-quality firewood split and ready to burn, delivered fast and straight to your door. Whether you need just a bundle or a truckload, we have the perfect solution for wood stoves, firepits, fireplaces, and more. 

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Our firewood is pre-cut, seasoned and ready to burn

Homeowners and local businesses in Southern Louisiana depend on a steady source of firewood for their indoor and outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, camping, and woodstoves. Our firewood is split into easy-to-burn pieces and seasoned so that it's ready for use as soon as it arrives. You won’t get green wood that’s hard to burn. We make sure to source only the best firewood for our customers, and ensure it’s dry before delivery so that you can enjoy a roaring fire as soon as it’s delivered.

Buy our firewood today and enjoy instant warmth

Get your cut and ready to burn firewood today and enjoy a warm cozy winter season. With fast delivery times and unbeatable prices, you'll have everything you need in no time. For those restaurant owners out there, you can rely on us for a steady supply of firewood for your outdoor patio fireplaces. It’s all about ambiance and we can help. Call Southern Grinding & Tree Services LLC today at 337-519-4779.

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