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Stump grinding

Tree stump removal that will amaze

Our professional tree service includes complete stump removal. After removing trees on your property, we take the extra step of eliminating the remaining stumps and roots. This is essential in making sure that the area is clear of any unsightly remnants from the tree, as well as preventing issues like unwanted insects and pests from setting up camp in your yard. And for those stumps that have inconvenienced you for years, it's finally time to say goodbye. 

Stump grinder about to grind a tree stump in the ground

See why stump grinding is the secret to stump removal

By using a stump grinder, we are able to remove the stump several inches below the surface and fill the hole with mulch, leaving your landscape with a nice level area ready for planting whatever you wish. It removes tripping hazards for good, prevents new tree growth from the stump, and it’s affordable. 

Will my tree stump eventually rot?

Yes but that would be a very long time. Many years of dodging and mowing around that stump before it decides to degrade down to a manageable project. And let’s face it, how many times have you seen someone wrestle with a tree stump and leave the project with a sore back. Although it can be done, it can take days or weeks and a lot of sweat and effort, even with a stump that has rotted. Why do that when we provide affordable stump grinding?

Will my tree stump eventually rot?

Abbeville, New Iberia, and Lafayette, Louisiana residents and business owners rely on our tree company for multiple tree services. Stump removal is just one of many things we do. Call us today to learn more and get your free estimate! Our number is 337-519-4779.

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